Some of Greggs ancient coin collection

Widows Mite                                                                          Bronze coin of Pontius Pilate, Roman Prefect of                       Silver shekel. Judas was paid with 

                                                                                                  Judea 26 - 36AD. This coin -- 31AD                                           30 of these for betraying Jesus

Some Bibles from Greggs collection





       Greggs 1st Bible from 1983                                                        A Geneva Bible. The Geneva Bible was mainly used                                         King James Bible from 1638

                                                                                                         throughout the 1500's during the time of Queen Elizabeth

                                                                                                         and was the most popular translation

                                                                                                         in its day, before the King James in 1611             

                                                                                                     The Great Bible. Created by orders from King Henry the 8th

and chained to the pulpits of many churches. Before this, the Bible was not allowed to be read by the common people under the Catholic Church, so, to "stick it to" the Catholic Church, King Henry started the Church of England and said this Great Bible would be available to anybody, (though most were illiterate and would have to had it read to them)